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Social Fabric Auction

OBEETEE is a name that speaks of a rich heritage of hand-woven rug artistry from across the globe. For almost a century now, OBEETEE carpets have infused colour, vitality and creativity into your homes, hotels, offices and palaces. They adorn illustrious and historic properties worldwide.

About this auction

As a creative enterprise that places community giveback, manufacturing excellence and production quality at the heart of its business, the Bid for Change auction is an integral part of OBEETEE’s community programs. When you purchase a gorgeous hand-crafted rug through this auction, you contribute to our community development programs. The entire proceeds of this auction are donated to charity organisations. You can read more about the charities here.

The idea is simple. We place a selection of our outstanding rugs on auction here. When you bid for a rug of your choice, you are free to select the amount you wish to pay for it. You also get to select which charity organisation you would like your donation to go to.

People from all over the world are welcome to bid for these rugs. Of course, when you bid, you pay nothing. Once the bidding timeline ends, the highest bidder is sent a secure link for payment. Once payment is confirmed, the rug is packed and shipped to the desired location. The entire bid amount, minus the shipping cost, is immediately transferred to the charity of your choice.

Through OBEETEE’s community programs focused on empowering weavers, located in some of India’s most remote villages, we help provide and preserve a global market for the ancient art form of carpet weaving.

For further information please contact : Email : customersupport@obeetee.com

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